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Industry Partnerships

The Pocono Counties WDB is involved in a number of Industry Partnership efforts with our partner Workforce Development Boards in Northeastern Pennsylvania.   These Industry Partnerships are designed to bring together employers within key industries to identify their common skilled workforce needs, to identify training resources that can address these needs, and to raise the awareness and skill levels of the area’s workforce to ensure the success of these employers.  

The Pocono Counties WDB has been involved with regional Industry Partnership efforts for the Health Care Industry, Transportation & Logistics, and most recently Advanced Manufacturing.   Part of the effort to support the skilled workforce needs of these industries has been to raise awareness of the workforce to both the skills needed by these employers, as well as the career opportunities available within these industries.  

In order to market the career opportunities available in Advanced Manufacturing in our region, we procured a series of short video products, highlighting regional employers, that are available online targeted to 3 workforce demographic groups.   Young workers entering the workforce, skilled workers in other industries, and experienced workers.

The videos can be viewed here.

Another tool developed by our Industry Partnership group to assist manufacturing employers in our region was a Resource Guide.  The Resource guide provides a comprehensive list of economic development, employment services, training providers, and other business development organizations and resources in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  The Resource Guide can be downloaded and used by any employer in the region to quickly and easily identify resources and organizations in our area that are designed to meet their specific business development needs.

Download the resource guide here.

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