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Local and Regional Planning

The local workforce development board, or LWDB, in partnership with the chief elected official, or CEO, for their respective designated region and local area, must develop and submit to the Governor, a comprehensive four-year regional plan if the region is deemed a planning region, and a corresponding local workforce development area, or local area, or LWDA plan. Regional plans must articulate how the respective planning region LWDBs will collaboratively achieve WIOA’s vision and goals, support and incorporate Pennsylvania’s WIOA Combined State Plan goals and strategies while realizing regional goals and strategies. Each LWDB, in collaboration with LWDA stakeholders, must produce a local area plan that embodies the vision, goals, objectives and strategies of WIOA, the PA WIOA Combined State Plan as well as certain administrative and operational elements or processes. WIOA regional and local area plans are subject to WIOA and its promulgating regulations, other applicable federal law and guidance, commonwealth law and directives, each program’s authorizing statute and its respective regulations as well as the Workforce System policy.

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