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The Pocono Counties WDB is involved in a wide range of both regional and state wide initiatives designed to support our primary mission, to improve the employment and skilled career opportunities of our area’s workforce, and to provide services that foster the success and growth of our business community.   

Apprenticeship Resources

The Pocono Counties WDB supports the statewide effort of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor to promote and expand the use of the registered Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship models as a tool to meet the skilled workforce needs of Pennsylvania employers.  The Board has worked closely with the Lackawanna, Luzerne/Schuylkill, and Northern Tier Workforce Development Boards in a regional effort to support existing apprenticeship opportunities, and encourage employers and job seekers to utilize this approach to meet their respective skilled workforce and career goals.

A wide range of information regarding Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship resources can be found at the following links:

Pennsylvania Department of Labor

US Department of Labor

The Service Centers of the Pocono Counties Workforce Development Area can also assist any employers in our WDA who utilize Apprenticeships as part of their training approach through our WIOA Apprenticeship Policy.

WIOA Apprenticeship Policy

Metrix Training Initiative

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor recently announced an agreement with Metrix Learning® to provide a wide range of employment related online training and credentials to registered CareerLink® customers.   

Metrix Learning® is a self-paced, online learning platform designed for the public workforce system. Whether self-directed or staff-assisted, Metrix Learning® can help your customers develop the skills they need to boost their career! How it works: Through virtual registration, customers can sign up for instant access from anywhere within your Local Workforce Development Area. Each customer receives a unique username/password, and unlimited access to 4,500+ courses for 6-months. They can manage their own online learning program, or work with local CareerLink® staff to select the best courses to meet their goals.   For more information on the training course selections available, you can check out the Metrix Learning portal through the CareerLink® system, or through the following link.

PA CareerZone Initiative

Another tool to assist our customers in developing their individual career goals is the PA CareerZone initiative recently announced by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  This easy to access online career exploration site provides a wide range of information that a customer can use to help them identify and plan a career.  It includes online interest assessments, skills profiler tools, career exploration information, and other tools used to help you pursue a wide range of training and career goals.  This resource can help customers regardless of their age and experience prepare for a career or transition to a new one.

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